High detection efficiency and excellent resolution

The equipment is based on all the independent intellectual property rights and the complete production process; it uses a new method of compound detection with developed corresponding modular detector. The new detector increased PMT in the middle, which improved the detection area, effective detection efficiency and spatial resolution; meanwhile, using the advanced technology of spatial resolution modeling recovery, to achieve the resolution of full FOV better than 1.8mm.

  • Excellent imaging quality

    A new way to complete the scanning that to move the detecting
    probe without moving bed and the patient, to minimize the
    interference of human and bed movement, can effectively improve
    the comfort of patients, and reduce the image blur caused by

  • Flexible operation and application

    The multi-modality image fusion workstation provides highly
    accurate image registration of PET with external CT or MR images.
    The external CT or MR images can be used for the attenuation
    correction of PET data, along with anatomic localization and
    clinical diagnosis when fused with the PET image. This standalone
    PET system has the benefit of reducing equipment cost while
    providing comparable clinical value by taking advantage of
    existing CT or MR system in the hospital.