Effective large vision
■ High resolution and contrast
■ High speed and real time reconstruction
■ Multi-protocol scan mode

■ Multiple system interface configuration
■ Perfect software function
■ Fully self-shielding security protection
  • Effective large vision

    Professionally designed transverse effective field and axial scanning range can meet the needs of obese experimental animals and high throughput scanning.

  • High resolution and contrast

    Advanced reconstruction and post-processing technology,
    bring a clearer picture quality and a richer sense of hierarchy.

  • High speed and real time reconstruction

    GPU acceleration technology can be used to achieve real-time reconstruction of the fastest scanning mode, and improves the image processing capabilities.

  • Multi-protocol scan mode

    According to the scanned objects and intended usage, to select the best scanning protocol from the high resolution scan, standard resolution scan, fast scan and user-defined scan mode.

  • Multiple system interface configuration

    The interface configuration includes the gas anesthesia interface, real-time video monitoring interface of animal cabin, testing interface of animal physiological parameters, automatic liquid injection interface, etc.

  • Perfect software function

    Provide high performance software workstation configuration, which is equipped
    with animal video monitoring, a variety of image formats output supporting 2D/3D
    image analysis, bone histomorphometry and bone mineral density, fat analysis
    and professional image rendering processing technology.

  • Fully self-shielding security protection

    Surface radiation dose <1 u Sv/h - to reach the background radiation level (FDA Standard Test Method).