Industry's largest axial view
■ High throughput scanning
■ Full field imaging
■ Dynamic imaging technique
■ Accurate quantitative analysis

■ Accurate registration
■ A full set of experimental platform system
■ Customizable solutions
■ System upgrade
■ Safety and protection
  • Industry's largest axial view

    Capable of scanning a whole-body mouse in a single bed position, enabling real-time and efficient monitoring of drug metabolism inside the body.

  • High throughput scanning

    The larger effective transverse field of view and axial scanning range lead to the high throughput capacity, and combined with an innovative 3D-PSF iterative reconstruction technique, making it possible to effectively scan multiple mice (Max.6) simultaneously with uniform accuracy.

  • Full field imaging

    Applying an advanced resolution-recovery model
    in the image reconstruction leads to uniform
    image resolution across the while field of view.

  • Dynamic imaging technique

    Data is acquired concurrently while drug
    is being injected. By monitoring the
    dynamic distribution of radio tracers in
    the animal body, the metabolic process
    of drugs can be analyzed accurately.

  • Accurate quantitative analysis

    The system can generate reliable images with either high or low dose and the accurate dose level can be measured, leading to accurate quantitative analysis.

  • Accurate registration

    With all intellectual property rights both PET and CT system, ensuring accurate registration of images, while supporting the registration reconstruction process and image fusion between with different machines such as MR, SPECT.

  • A full set of experimental platform system

    · Standard rat cabin
    · Standard mouse cabin
    · Four channel mice cabin
    · Open type placement device for large animals (customizable)

    · Small animal anesthesia system
    · Animal cabin pre-platform
    · Animal anesthesia box

  • Customizable solutions

    Software–According to customer’s usage and needs to provide a reasonable solution of software customization;

    Hardware–According to customer’s experiment requirements to provide a reasonable animal cabin customization or transformation.

  • System upgrade

    The modular design structure of the PET probe ring makes easy to
    configure and upgrade, and achieves the flexibility of the detection
    efficiency and cost, meeting the user's personalized needs

    Due to the modular design of components, a single-modality PET or
    a single-modality CT system can be easily upgraded to a dual-modality
    PET/CT system without the need to change the main structures and
    outline, only minimum assembling effort required.

  • Safety and protection

    CT system has full shielding protection;

    The high sensitivity of the PET system ensures accurate quantitative analysis at low doses.